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A Peek Inside The Billboard Touring Awards
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 2
February 2007 @ 15:56

Folks will recall that last year, Elton received Billboard‘s first Legend of Live award.

The ceremony included an appearance from David Martin, who opened for Elton by performing his new single, Something In Your Eyes (before Whoopie Goldberg went on to introduce the Rocket Man).

Now David is doing a 24-city promotional tour in support of his new pop album, also called Something in Your Eyes, which is being released on the sixth of February.

His itinerary includes a February 7 gig at New York’s Living Room and a stop at Toronto’s Drake Hotel two days later.

David tells EJW he was very impressed, among other things, by the older singer’s ”humility and compassions for others.” He adds that his songs ”have definitely influenced me as a songwriter and I think more specifically to strive to continually write honest songs that make a connection with people and stand the time of time.”

See video footage of the event, and learn more about David at