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Arena Seating, part of the Arena Group, has been entrusted to supply over 15,000 temporary seats for five of Elton’s European dates this year.

Besides Lincolnshire Showground, Leicestershire Cricket Club, Exeter’s Westpoint Centre and the upcoming Meadowbank Stadium engagement in Edinburgh (on June 25), the company was asked to work on the luminary’s June 12th show at Warminster’s Longleat Safari Park.
As part of Longleat‘s 50th anniversary, concert promoter Marshall Arts contracted Arena Seating to install 13,245 Samsonite flat seats in nine blocks on the estate’s majestic grounds, complete with free-standing block signage for fans to easily navigate to their numbered seats.
A photo from the event, courtesy of David McGirr, appears below. You can also read more about Arena at the Cheryl’s Specials portion of this Web site (June the third’s ”What Working on Temporary Arenas For The Rocket Man is Like”).
David McGirr Photography's photo.