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Traci Loving is kicking off the new year by showing off a drawing of Elton and his band.


It was inspired by the musicians’ last Las Vegas shows and appears on the artist’s Facebook page.
Traci’s other pieces have included a reproduction of the original Goodbye Yellow Brick Road cover; a ‘Crocodile Rock’ depiction of a grinning reptile; a collage of Elton through the years, along with Ray Cooper, Bernie Taupin, and John Mahon; a Million Dollar Piano top hat; and Farewell Yellow Brick Road print and jacket.
The Californian told EJW her customers have included Nigel Olsson, who ordered several pairs of painted shoes to wear on tour with Elton. His bandmate, Davey Johnstone, has also been a client. He requested a special ”Mandolisa” design, used mainly in Las Vegas for Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (and is indeed a combination of the Mad Hatter and Mona Lisa).
A portion of the works she sells goes to charities close to her heart: the Discovery Arts Foundation, which brings music, art, dance and drama to hospitalised children facing life-threatening illness, and the Operation of Hope, providing health care and medical training programs in under-served areas of the world.