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Artist rights group plans pre-Grammy concerts
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But rumours of Elton performing are unfounded

Wednesday 23
January 2002 @ 13:54

Elton and Billy Joel will not perform at the Forum on February 26, 2002, for reasons unknown. An official announcement was expected to be made on January 23, 2002. The show is now being promoted as The Eagles and Friends.

Earlier reports suggested Elton John, Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow and the Eagles will perform a series of concerts the night before the Grammys to raise money for a fledgling group of performers seeking better treatment by major record labels, organisers said December 19, 2001.

At least five shows sponsored by the Recording Artists Coalition, a group spearheaded by Crow and Eagles singer Don Henley, are planned at various Los Angeles-area venues for February 26, 2001, the eve of the glittering awards ceremony honoring the industry’s best music and biggest stars, a spokesmen said.