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AT&T And Fashion Rocks Present . . .
Posted by editor_usa

The Latest Buzz Regarding Elton’s New Album

Wednesday 30
August 2006 @ 17:48

Fashion Rocks presents the World Premiere Performance of Elton John s new album on the AT&T blue room


If you cant wait for Elton’s new release The Captain and the Kid to hit stores next month, then join the club! 

 However, Fashion Rocks is teaming up with the AT&T blue room to present a world premiere EJ performance on Sunday, September 10th .

  The broadcast will give fans the opportunity to experience the magic of the luminary’s new album from the comfort of their own home.  Head over to on Sunday, September 10th at 7 p.m. Eastern time, to watch Elton in this exclusive world premiere performance.

Meanwhile, Mojo magazine has reviewed The Captain And The Kid, giving it four stars.