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Last year Riedel created a rainbow double magnum decanter in partnership with the former Reg Dwight.

All profits from its sale were donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Just 50 Amadeo Double Magnum Rainbow Decanters, each engraved with its assigned number, were produced worldwide.
Now available is a new, limited-edition Riedel Ayam Rainbow Decanter. As part of its commitment to the foundation, Riedel will donate €25,000—just shy of $30,000—in support of innovative methods of prevention, direct care and support services for people living with HIV. Additionally, of a limited release of 75 decanters, the company will donate five to charity auctions around the world supporting the same mission.
Riedel is particularly proud that each decanter will bear the original signature of Sir Elton. Managing Director Maximilian J. Riedel says: ”Usually, our limited editions comprise 50 units. In this cae, we have added 25 decanters, to express our respect for 25 years of Sir Elton John’s immensely important work.”
This special item is engineered to either stand upright or hang off a table edge. It features double-decanting properties and a cresting rainbow along the outer curve. In addition, the decanter’s rainbow design contains a sliver stripe along the spine, meant to celebrate the silver jubilee of the EJAF.