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Barish and Babylon
Posted by editor_usa

News About a Star-Studded Record Coming Out in Several Months

Friday 9
March 2012 @ 16:26

As EJW readers are aware, the son of Guy Babylon, Elton’s late keyboard player, has recorded a CD, assisted by most of the members of Elton’s ensemble.

Ben Babylon‘s Dreams For Sale is to be released this summer.

Joshua Barish is doing the cover, and told this Web site this is his first such project, ”and who better than Ben and the Elton John band?”

The Bay Area based Illustrator specialises in pop surrealism ”and bizarre fun creatures,” he says.

”I first started doing art professionally a few years ago when I first made band posters. It then graduated to making full pieces of art, which I sold in coffee shops and online. People started to get attracted to the odd characters and creatures I had made and soon I had some what of a group following.”

The illustrator adds:

”I have a habit for being influenced by everything around me, and integrating it into my art all the time. Music is my primary source of inspiration with favorite artists such as Radiohead, Burial, Bob Dylan, Ben (of course!) and it goes without saying, Elton John.

”In fact the first CD I ever purchased as a child was of Elton’s; I can gladly say that’s the reason why I love music.”