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Bee Gee Memorial Concert is Expected to Feature Some Top Acts
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 12
November 2012 @ 16:54

Robin Gibb‘s widow, Dwina, has revealed to the Mirror that she makes the late vocalist a cup of tea every morning and keeps his book by his side of the bed.

Unlike most grieving widows, when Edwina, known as Dwina, misses her husband, she only needs to turn on the radio to hear him.

She also plays Bee Gees‘ CDs every day, unable – and unwilling – to move on from Robin’s death six months ago.

Dwina says:

“In the evenings we spent a lot of time talking, and I miss that.

“When I find things like his hospital bracelets, things of suffering, it’s really hard.”

The 59-year-old does find solace from continuing Robin’s charity work for Coming Home – a group that helps badly injured soldiers – as well as the messages she gets from the music-maker’s friends, family and fans.

Next spring she is hoping to hold a star-studded memorial concert, and is sure that Elton, John Travolta, and Barbra Streisand will be involved.