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As Sir Elton prepared to take the stage Wednesday night at Ford Park, 12News reporter Vanessa Holmes went behind the scenes with the stage crew who spent Tuesday getting ready for sound check.


From the floor to the cat walk, 60 crew members spent three hours setting the stage; a set designed by the late Mark Fischer.

It takes a lot of unloading materials from nine trucks and four buses to put Elton’s stage together.

“It takes about two to three hours to put together. Then, once it’s all put together, we’ll wheel it back to the end of the arena where it’ll be in position. Then, we can load the instruments and all back on it,” said DC Parmet, tour manager.

The instruments include Elton’s pianos. There are six piano systems that are all Yamaha, nine-foot grand pianos.

The chandelier, also created by Mark, has 1,400 LED lights and weighs over a ton. It also automates up and down 60 feet.

“A lot of times if you play Dallas or Houston, they’re more use to stuff like this. But, to get Elton John in Beaumont, that’s pretty special and it’s special for us because the crowds are so fantastic. Elton feeds off the energy of the crowd and we all feed off his energy,” said Parmet.