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Tony Charmoli is a choreographer who’s now an author. He has just released his autobiography, which includes a bit about Elton.

Paul Manchester, who contributed to Stars in My Eyes, told this Web site: ”The one Elton John story that stands out for Tony is when they were joking around on Cher‘s new CBS show. It made its debut on February 12, 1975, and had guest stars like Flip Wilson, Bette Midler and Elton. Tony worked particularly closely with designer Bob Mackie.”
This time period plays a significant part in David DeCouto‘s endeavours. As readers will recollect, David’s Captain Fantastic: The Definitive Biography of Elton John in the ’70s is being published soon.
This will be available in November, but meanwhile, ”it’s up for presale as an eBook.”
The writer added that the cover photo is courtesy of his friend James Fortune. In fact, the pair have just finished an eBook called Celebration Day: Shooting Led Zeppelin in America 1973/1975, are now collaborating on Venus & Mars: Paul McCartney Across America 1975-1976.
More recently, Elton’s albums have featured T Bone Burnett. A book about the producer (which includes a photo of the former Reg Dwight) is due in just a few more days.
Lloyd Sachs, who penned T Bone Burnett: A Life in Pursuit, said: ”Although I did write a book about country music for kids, this is my first major publication.”
Last but not least, more than two decades after its initial publication, Michael Kenna’s seminal collection of photographs of Michigan’s Ford River Rouge industrial complex will be available in a new, revised, and expanded edition. One of the world’s most acclaimed photographers working exclusively in black-and-white, Michael’s fans include Sir Elton.
The lensman told this Web site: ”Elton has recently added more Kennas to his collection with prints from my new book Rouge (coming out the end of the October).

”I have been very fortunate in that the singer has shown a keen interest in my work for many years, particularly in the nineties when I was photographing the Le Notre formal Gardens in and around Paris. We met at his home during this period and I photographed his garden near Windsor a few times. I am delighted and honoured to have my work in the Elton John art collection as I know he has a most singular and discerning eye. He has over 20 of my prints at this point.”
Michael added:

”Elton very kindly wrote a lovely preface to my book Michael Kenna – A Journey through Asia that was published in India in 2012:

” ‘Elegant.  Serene.  Meditative.  This is why I was first attracted to Michael Kenna’s work.   Since the early 1990s, I have built a substantial collection of his photographic prints.  I am still captivated by the mystery of his night work and the sophisticated simplicity of his landscapes.  One also has to admire his dedication to the fine craft of making flawless, impeccable prints.  Like Kenna, I am drawn to the work of Bill Brandt, Joseph Sudek, Alfred Stieglitz and Harry Callahan.  The influence of these artists, along with his own interpretive style creates a brilliant serenity that captivates me with every
image.’ ”