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Behind The Scenes at Brunton Park
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 15
December 2006 @ 17:01

Today’s Cumberland News offers a look at ”how a small army” will put together Elton’s June 3 show at Brunton Park.

Hotels have already been booked for the 120-man crew, with most of them to arrive in Carlisle five years prior to the event.

Their first task will be to build the stage, which takes three days and involves two 35-ton cranes lowering it into place. Then they will protect the playing surface with a heavy duty covering.

After that, thousands of seats will be laid out across the pitch. It is only then that organisers will know the concert’s precise capacity. This means that extra tickets could go on sale then.

Elton himself will turn up three hours before he’s to play. And while he probably won’t hang around after the concert, that’s not the case with the crew.

They’ll have to spend the next three days getting the football ground back to normal–before heading to the next venue to do it all again.