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Promoter Cracks Down on eBay Re-Sellers

Monday 9
January 2006 @ 18:10

Punters are being asked to pay five times the box office price to see Elton perform in Oxford by online ticket touts, the January 9, 2006 Mail has noted.

As previously announced, the musician will appear at the Kassam Stadium in Greater Leys on June 24.

But front-row tickets with a face value price of £60 have already been snapped up by touts and are for sale on auction website eBay available to the highest bidder.

Some pairs of tickets for the sold-out seats next to the stage can be bought immediately for more than £200.

Concert promoter Marshall Arts has sold three quarters of the tickets, and is now attempting to track down the rogue traders and encourage them to take the offers off the Internet.

Ben Martin, spokesman for Marshall Arts, said: “We are aware that tickets are being sold on eBay.

“Where possible we will contact the member of the public and ask them to remove the sale of the ticket or remove the ticket and give that person a refund.

“The terms and conditions on the tickets explain we do not allow the resale of tickets.

“I don’t think those people selling the tickets are selling them again and again.

“We don’t like seeing people having to pay above the face value but there are people out there who may not have had the opportunity to buy tickets for Elton John’s concert.”

The promoters face problems tracking down the owners of the tickets unless the specific seat numbers have been listed on eBay.

Any seller who has bought a complete row will be contacted, but people who purchased a smaller number of tickets will be harder to find, Mr. Martin admitted.

Reselling concert tickets on eBay is legal, but against the terms and conditions accepted by the buyer when they are purchased.

Promoters are not sending out actual tickets until the spring.

Two tickets in the front row were up for grabs for £299 from Cheshire, promising the chance to mix with famous celebrities, adding: “Guarantees a once in a lifetime evening in the very front row.”

Two other tickets from a seller from Leicester were put up for sale for £279.98 plus postage and packaging, and claiming, “Block A6 is not only at the very front, but you’ll find it is to the left slightly — the side Elton usually sits at the piano. So you’ll have a great view of the legend.”

And a seller in Peterborough offered two concert seats in the circle area starting at £200: “These are fantastic seats and will give a superb view of the great man.”

Instead of visiting the auction site, fans can get tickets ranging in price from £35 to £60, by calling 0870 161 2123, 0871 230 2610 or 0870 444 5556.