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Bernie Taupin tells the Desert Sun that he doesn’t write songs as much as he used to.

He isn’t sure if he and Elton will do another album, and if they do, this could be the last one. However, the two are currently writing music for a movie.

Bernie also talks about his art and those who have influenced him, such as Anselm Kiefer and Hans Hoffmann. With his latest collection, Antiphona, he notes that Robert Rauschenberg was an inspiration.

Asked what ”Antiphona” means, the artist’s answer is:

”I think if you look it up you’ll probably find a better meaning than I can give. It’s really an appreciation of musical sense. It has a lot of connotations. (The Free Dictionary describes it as a Latin word for the musical response one side of a choir makes to the other in a chant).”

The interviewer admits to thinking Bernie just made up the term. He replies:

”I do tend to make things up. I had a show titled ‘Anarcheology,’ a combination of archaeology and anarchy, and I had a show at KM in L.A. called ‘Somnabulistica.’ Having come from the word side of things, I like to find things that are interesting and encourage investigation.”

When asked about the meaning of his art, he favours Andy Warhol’s response: ”Well, what does it say to you?”

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