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Art Palm Springs returns to the Palm Springs Convention Center February 16-19, for a sixth year with an expanded program of panels, artist receptions, book signings, and VIP access events. These include Bernie Taupin.

At 5 p.m., on Feb. 17th in the theatre, Bernie Taupin: The Evolution of an Artist is to be presented.

Many artists are gifted in multiple mediums of communication. In addition to the visual arts, some are writers, poets, and performance artists. Does being multi-disciplined interfere with the artist’s creativity across their chosen media? Are such artists recognized for their additional talents, or is their work less credible if they do not focus on one particular area of creativity? Being both a songwriter and painter, Bernie will address these questions and present an overview of his own artistic journey.

He has been a lifelong visual artist. At the age of 17, he began creative endeavors as a writer and by the age of 20, many of his writings had been turned into songs adapted by Reginald Kenneth Dwight (later to become Elton John, of course).

Taupin’s legacy could have been cemented by his achievements solely as a lyricist, but in the 1990’s, he returned to his visual arts roots, painting in the Abstract Expressionism manner inspired by Anselm Kiefer and Hans Hoffman. After 20 years of ‘pushing paint,’ Bernie has found his unique voice in the visual language of reduction/construction and assemblage.

The event will close with Bernie’s review of the evolution of styles from Abstract Expressionism through Pop to reduction/reconstruction and a brief Q&A specific to his visual art career. Following the lecture, attendees are invited to a walk-through of the artist’s work on display at the fair.

General admission tickets are now on sale. A day pass is required in order to catch Taupin’s lecture. 

A representative for the fair tells EJW that general admission tickets are now on sale, and that a day pass is required in order to catch Bernie’s lecture.
Brian Vatcher adds:
”It is the first time he has attended the show. We are honoured to include him.”