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Posted by editor_usa

Young Singer Has High-Profile Fans

Friday 13
October 2006 @ 17:34

 The New Zealand Herald expects Bic Runga to do pick up a ”sackload of Tuis” when she attends next week’s New Zealand Music Awards.



The singer/songwriter who plays instruments such as harmonica, mellotron, banjo, xylophone and piano, recently sold out most of her solo tour: 35 dates in Britain, France, Poland (where her album Birds is on the Top Ten – “things like Leonard Cohen are Top 10 in Poland”) and “home away from home” Ireland (“I actually sell records there; it’s pretty wild”).



Runga says the reaction to her and the Birds release by the ”fickle” British music press has been “pretty good”. And then there are those famous folks she’s encountered.


“You don’t have your heroes coming to your shows when they don’t know who you are. It’s pretty massive – Mojo magazine published the photo of me and Jimmy Page and that’s pretty cool. Like my promoter said, ‘You’ve made it’.


“And Elton John at a party said he’s just bought my album and he basically knew my whole story. Sure, I don’t have a number one single but I never set out to have that anyway.”