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Blondes Have More Fun
Posted by editor_usa

A Book By One of Elton’s Friends Contains Some Memorable Anecdotes

Monday 22
October 2012 @ 15:30

Rod Stewart’s new autobiography contains numerous references to his colleague, Sir Elton.

So does a memoir by the vocalist’s ex-wife. Alana Stewart’s Rearview Mirror recalls the couple’s visits to the musician’s Windsor abode. During one occasion, Stewart got the stomach flu. So the host and Alana looked after him. But Elton seemed to relish giving his coeval a spoonful of some foul-tasting mysterious remedy.

The actress also recalls Elton’s kindness. Besides giving her presents like a Cartier bracelet and baby grand piano, the songwriter literally supported her. They had gone out together for New Year’s Eve, and Rod kept rushing ahead, leaving Elton to help the high-heeled Alana navigate the icy sidewalks.

A photo of the trio appears below, although there’s a different one of Elton, during his brief ‘blond’ period,’ in Rearview Mirror.