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Bob says nice things about Elton on Canadian TV
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Builder is nice about nice pianist

Monday 15
December 2003 @ 21:53

Bob The Builder‘s new Christmas special – A Christmas to Remember with guest star Elton John – is out on home video and debutted on Canada’s Treehouse TV on December 14, 2003.

Like the regular TV show episodes, it was filled with that energetic optimism as the crew was given a last-minute assignment to build a stage in the town square for a special holiday concert.

An animated Elton John, replete with star-shaped sunglasses, dropped by to perform Crocodile Rock
and to pen a few lyrics with Roley, the music-loving steamroller.

“Words can’t express how inspired I was to be able to work with somebody as talented and awe-inspiring as Elton John,” Bob gushes. “He was a very nice person to work with, too. I know a lot of stars have the stigma that they’ve got big heads and don’t want to talk to people. But Elton John was great, very down to earth.”

Elton holds up the masonry for Builder Bob: US TV – Tuesday, November 18 2003 at 15:08:44