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As EJW has reported earlier, a good friend of the singer’s will soon release her memoirs.


Ahead of this, Brandi Carlile spoke to USA Today, and of course the subject of Sir Elton came up.
When she was in junior high, she performed the pop star’s Honky Cat in a local singing contest. She wore a white polyester suit with pipe cleaner glasses which her mother decorated.
Brandi didn’t win, but she now considers Elton one of her good pals and mentors.
He first reached out in 2007 to say he’s an admirer, and soon became her ”gay pen-pal figure father,” she writes in Broken Horses.
”It’s weird, he barely knew me, but I felt so compelled to tell him everything,” the young woman said with a laugh. ”I’d be like, ‘Elton! I got nominated for a Grammy! And he’d be like, ‘Great honour! Love you!’ ”