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With It’s a Sin launching on HBO Max in America last week, Elton spoke with Chris Kornelis from the Wall Street Journal about how accurate the series is, the barriers which still exist, and why he recommends the show.


Elton said: ”Russell T Davies, who has written so many wonderful things–from Queer as Folk to Doctor Who–has written a new series called It’s a Sin that’s set among a group of gay men in the early ’80s and the start of the AIDS epidemic in Britain. I was wondering how they were going to do it and they it more than brilliantly. It was so accurate. It was so moving.”
The star added: ”We see all the misinformation from the era. We see how people were left to die in hospital wards. You see parents come into London and take their children back from their friends, hide them and then burn all their possessions, with their partners being given no rights whatsoever.”
Elton thinks there’ve been a lot of excellent pieces of art about the AIDS epidemic, such as Angels in America, The Normal Heart, and Philadelphia, but not enough of it.
”And we’ve kind of forgotten about it because there’s been so many other things going on in the world with politics, Covid and God knows what. Russell has managed to bring it to the forefront with pathos, with humour, with tragedy, and he tells it like it is.”
Elton’s hope is that the program will draw attention to the fact that AIDS is still a problem.
But there’s ”hope now and things have changed for the better. People can have a full life expectancy under HIV if they take the right medicine. Unfortunately, what we’ve found is that a lot of people are still stigmatised by this disease. They’re marginalised by it and they don’t find out what their status is.”
So he urges people to watch, calling both the writing and cast ”brilliant,” and saying, ”It’s an incredible thing.”