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It has just been announced that Busby Marou will be the support act for Elton’s upcoming stadium tour of Australia.

The Queensland duo will open for the UK music icon’s Once In A Lifetime concerts in Mackay, Wollongong and Cairns this September. 

“We heard just as we were getting ready to release [new single] Getaway Car,” Jeremy Marou said.

“We felt like good news was sticking to us like glue.”

Thomas Busby added, “When we heard Elton had picked us, it was like icing on a very big cake.”

Tour promoter and music mogul Michael Chugg applauded John’s decision to choose Busby Marou as the opening act.

“These are big concerts, with huge attendances,” Chugg stated.

“We need people to arrive early and Busby Marou are the perfect reason why people will. 

“Their set, as the sun goes down and evening sets in, will be a seamless foray into a night of truly once-in-a-lifetime entertainment.”

The exciting news follows the performers’ third studio album, Postcards From The Shell House, debuting at #1 on the ARIA Albums chart this past February.
Final tickets released for Cairns are on sale now. More are to be released in Mackay next week: See details at