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What is the best record store in Florida? Who lived in Laurel Canyon? Why does Dave Grohl have an Ohio alley named after him? How does one goes about finding ‘Peachtree Road’?  


The answers to such questions can be found in Rock Atlas, a guide to 650 music locations across the USA. Fans can visit many of the places by following the book’s detailed instructions or simply just enjoy reading the fascinating fact-packed stories behind each entry.

Seek out the quirky record stores, find the iconic recording studios, make a pilgrimage to memorials and statues, check out the best festivals and visit the exact spot where your favourite album cover was photographed.

Rock Atlas provides a different insight into musicians’ lives and songs through the places linked to them. With hundreds of rare, unseen, and iconic colour and black and white photographs, Rock Atlas USA is a must for anyone with an emotional tie to contemporary music and the important places associated with it.

The writer, David Roberts, has informed that his book is now available in the UK, and will be out in the States next month.

Before authoring the first Rock Atlas UK and Ireland edition in 2011, David was Managing Editor on more than 20 music reference book projects at Guinness World Records including British Hit Singles & Albums.

In 2006 he was appointed consultant, writer and film maker to the British Music Experience visitor attraction at London’s 02.