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A memoir from Elton and a graphic novel from Jim Broadbent are among the hottest as-yet-unsigned properties from UK agents heading into the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The former has decided to tell “the full story of his life and extraordinary career with exceptional candor and wit,” acccording his representatives, the Wylie Agency.

 Elton previously penned Love is the Cure. The 2012 book focused on the pop vocalist’s suggestions about how to deal with those suffering from AIDS. Elton also spoke about losing many friends to the disease.

As for Broadbent, this is his first book. He who won the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award in 2002 for his role in Iris, and is known for his work in the Harry Potter series and Bridget Jones films.

The Frankfurt Book Fair begins on October 19.

The full UK agents’ hotlists are featured in the October 7th print edition of The Bookseller magazine.