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The first single and title track from electropop connoisseur Bright Light Bright Light, aka Rod Thomas’, new EP I Wish We Were Leaving, wasn’t originally supposed to be a duet.


Thomas was working on the tune when he received a phone call from Elton, who wanted him to know how much he enjoyed his debut album, 2012’s Make Me Believe In Hope.

“From then I kept hearing his voice on the track,” Rod recalled. “In time I played him I Wish We Were Leaving and he added his vocals. Although it wasn’t written as a duet, I love that his voice taking lead in the second verse is a reminder that every relationship has two sides and two voices.”

For Elton it meant working in a slightly different way to what he’s been used to.

”Working with Bright Light Bright Light was a challenge for me as I love Electronica but am quite ignorant on the recording process. I had to sing in a completely different way which I really enjoyed,” he remarked.

The I Wish We Were Leaving EP is out on April 7, via Self Raising Records.

Meanwhile, the song is available to stream on SoundCloud.