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Burning Buildings
Posted by editor_usa

Popular Curry House is no More

Monday 18
December 2006 @ 16:20

An award-winning eatery in Glasgow, one of Britain’s best known curry houses, has been completely destroyed in a fire.

Cafe India was popular with notables such as Elton and Sean Connery as well as with office workers.

The inferno Sunday afternoon, which started in a vent above a coal-fired oven, brought part of Glasgow city centre to a standstill.

Five staff members were inside when the fire broke out, but the restaurant was closed at the time of the blaze. It is believed that no one was injured.

Ten fire engines and forty fire-fighters went to the scene as hundreds of Christmas shoppers gathered to watch.

Police had to close the road as the roof and parts of the building’s facade collapsed.

The owner, a well-known entrepreneur in Glasgow, Abdul Sattar, said he “felt sick” when he received the call telling him that his business was ablaze.

The fire also threatened to engulf the largest public reference library – Mitchell Library, the home to more than a million books and historic collections in Europe, which is just next door.

A probe into the cause of the fire (which was fought until last night) was under way, said a spokesman for Strathclyde Fire Brigade.