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…But there are catches, as well as latches
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Elton sale finds a few damp squibs

Wednesday 1
October 2003 @ 19:41

Eltons Sothebys auction of his London home contents on September 30, 2003, was marred by a few grumbles.

Fan the Reverend Richard Mottersheads brightest hope was an ebony and sycamore waste paper bin (of square tapering form, on flattened bun feet) that was expected to fetch £20-£30.

But at the last minute the lot was withdrawn, and with it went Mr Mottershead’s wistful hope of taking a small slice of Sir Elton home with him.

At the other end of the spectrum, the antiques themselves were overpriced, according to Nigel Hugill, who had come for the Biedermeier – a style of furniture from the 1830s which relies heavily on light woods such as birchwood.

“The prices seem to be considerably over the estimates, so I’m not optimistic about taking anything away with me today. It seems this stuff is attracting an Elton John premium.”

For the Rev Richard Mottershead however, it was fun enough just to see all the lots on display, in the adjoining showrooms.

“A member of my congregation got a signed photo of Elton John sent to me for my 40th birthday last year. This year I actually got a birthday card from him [Sir Elton].

“So I’m not downhearted,” he said, casting an eye over the pickings. “I’ve got some far more original than most of this.”

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