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Golfers match postpoened because of “noise”

Thursday 17
June 2004 @ 20:24

Elton’s only Scottish gig has bunkered a golf final, reported the Daily Record on June 16, 2004.

The pop megastar is playing Aberdeen’s Pittodrie Stadium on Friday night the same time as the neighbouring Kings Links course was due to host its annual championship final.

But organisers feared the noise from the gig at Pittodrie would ruin players’ concentration and have decided to postpone it for a week.

One golfer said yesterday: “Imagine Elton John belting out Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting just as you’re about to putt for the title.

“There will also be a huge crowd converging on the area.

“I think moving the final to next Friday is a sensible decision. It also means golf fans with tickets for Elton John won’t miss out on a major local event.”

Meanwhile, airport bosses in the city are to give the veteran rocker extra VIP treatment.

He will be allowed to fly out from Aberdeen Airport, which normally has an 11pm curfew, after his show.

City planning convener Scott Cassie said yesterday: ‘I was asked if I could extend the take-off time and I said yes.

‘It means that Elton can play on a bit and not rush away to get an early flight.

‘Getting someone of that stature up to Aberdeen is a coup and it is only reasonable that we try to accommodate him.’

The performance is due to run from 7.45pm to about 10.30pm.

Tickets for the show have been touted on Internet sites for up to £200. Check with Ticket Exchange on this website for choices before making your purchase!

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