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Campaign is on to Get Elton to Play Tasmania
Posted by editor_usa

Wednesday 8
August 2007 @ 16:04

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Promoter Michael Chugg says his former home state of Tasmania is in the box seat to host an extra show Elton’s upcoming Australian tour.

The superstar is scheduled to play five shows in Australia in November and December this year.

But a groundswell of support in Tasmania and North Queensland has increased the possibility of a sixth performance.

Chugg said it will be up to fans to prove how much they want the legendary artist to come to their region.

“There are two or three regional areas that would love to see Elton John play there and basically my attitude is, well, it’s a big show, it’s not easy to do, let’s see how interested you are,” Chugg said.

Elton’s touring schedule allows the songwriter to catch the opening performances of the Australian version of Billy Elliot, for which he penned the score.

But Michael cautioned that only one concert is likely to be added.

“There’s room in there for maybe one more and that’s all we’re looking at,” he said.

So today links to petitions for North Queensland and Tasmania’s bids for a John gig were added to Chugg Entertainment‘s Web site.

Chugg said he expected about 10,000 people to attend each show on the tour, so he would need at least that many people to register their interest for an added show to be viable.

As a born and bred Tasmanian, he has a clear preference.

“It’d be great if we could do that,” he said.

Tourism Tasmania is leading the island state’s campaign while North Queensland media outlets have banded together to attract Elton to their region.

The Tasmanian Government has been actively campaigning to attract a major name to Launceston’s state-of-the-art sport and entertainment complex, Aurora Stadium

“We’d be very keen to see that happen and being an ex-Tasmanian and the year of my 60th birthday it’d be fun to have a party down there in Launceston,” Chugg said.

“So we’re hoping the interest is there.”

Elton will be at the Barossa Arts and Convention Centre on November 24, Sydney’s Acer Arena on November 28, Canberra’s Commonwealth Park on November 30, Tempus Two Winery in the Hunter Valley on December 1 and Werribee Park Mansion near Melbourne on December 15.