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In April 2021, this website reported on how the Watford Council began promoting businesses by borrowing a few EJ song titles.

Folks were encouraged to ”Step into Watford” and take a trip down ”Yellow Brick Road,” for instance.
Now to celebrate the forthcoming Farewell Yellow Brick Road performances at Vicarage Road, the council is sharing photos from the star’s 1978 calendar. One entry, from November, has an Elton John picture created by a local art student, and admired by the subject.
Meanwhile, MurWalls has come up with another EJ mural. It’s on the side of Watford Library in Hempstead Road, according to
MurWalls recently painted another image of the singer, which is in view of the Sir Elton John Stand at Vicarage Road.
Earlier this year, EJW discussed a Watford FC mural adorning the subway leading to the stadium. The artwork, including a depiction of Elton and Graham Taylor, was also created by MurWalls. It is part of the club’s 100 Years at the Vic celebrations, coinciding with the borough’s centenary.