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Daniel Siwek‘s new tome, House of Blues, A Backstage Pass to the Artists, Music & Legends, celebrates the chain’s 21 years in business. Among the offerings is a 2004 photo of Elton, on stage with Mary J Blige.

The man who took the picture, Skip Bolen, recently answered some questions about his work.

EJW: How did you wind up getting the HOB assignment?

SB: I was the art director at their corporate offices in Los Angeles for many years, which allowed me access to every show at all House of Blues. I photographed many of these gigs, from James Brown to Elton with Mary J to Elvis Costello to many other great and amazing performances while I was there, for the HOB archives.

EJW: What other businesses are you affiliated with, and did you encounter Elton again?

SB: I’m with Getty Images and WireImage so I cover a lot of showbiz and red carpet events, like the opening of H&M Clothing in New Orleans with Blake Lively. I also cover Fashion Week twice a year in New York City, plus many music festivals, concerts and other artist performances. Most of what I shoot goes out to newspapers and magazines. I’m also a still photographer in the film and television industry.

As for Elton, I worked with him again at 2008’s World Team Tennis Smash Hits. It was a ton of fun to be on the court, on behalf of Getty and WireImage.