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Posted by editor_usa

Elton Aids Artist With Coke And Alcohol Addictions

Monday 16
October 2006 @ 15:35

Elton has been quietly counselling Keane‘s lead singer.

Upon learning that the 27-year-old had checked into rehab (delaying the band’s U.S. tour, which was to commence in Chicago on September 7), Elton contacted Tom Chaplin to offer advice.

One of Tom’s buddies says that the Bedshaped vocalist ”has had so much support after going into rehab but he never expected it would come from someone like Sir Elton John.

At first he thought it was a wind up – why would Elton take the time out to contact him? Even though they met at Live 8 last year, they’re weren’t exactly close friends.

“Tom was moved by the gesture and they’ve been in touch frequently. Elton knows exactly what Tom’s going through.

“He believes he has a real talent and doesn’t want to see it all going to waste.”

Elton has gained a reputation as the “godfather of pop” for reaching out to troubled celebrities. Examples include those with drug problems like Robbie Williams and Donatella Versace, as well as those with marital difficulties, including the Beckhams.

 Although Tom left London’s Priory clinic a couple of weeks ago, he’s still receiving treatment.

But he is looking forward to hitting the road again.