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Charity Drive Includes Elton’s Footwear
Posted by editor_usa

Tuesday 23
January 2007 @ 15:57

Many take the shoes on their feet for granted. But people in other countries are not as fortunate.

 So there’s now a campaign to recycle footwear, and hopefully, set a new world record of the longest line of shoes, in pairs ever laid out.

The Arbroath event in Victoria Park will take place on Elton’s birthday, March 25, 2007. In fact, the songster has donated a pair of his ’74 stage shoes. He included a statement, saying he is delighted to be involved, and hopes it will help. He adds that he is aware of how much work goes into such events and wishes them success.

The red suede platforms, along with footwear from other notables, will be auctioned off after going on display at Angus College.

The campaign’s aim to collect 80,000 pairs of second-hand shoes, each with a £2 donation. The total raised of £160,000 will be split between four charities:

  • No More Landmines Trust This trust aims to relieve poverty, distress and suffering in many parts of the world and in particular, in countries recovering from conflict.
  • Cancer Research UK Cancer Research UK supports research into all aspects of cancer through the work of more than 3,000 scientists, doctors and nurses.
  • Children in Need Over £30 million was raised on the BBC Children in Need Appeal last year with all the money raised going towards helping and supporting children and young people across the UK.
  • Angus College Charitable Trust This fund helps support students in severe financial hardship complete their studies and improve their quality of life.


Sir Elton John's original 1974 stage shoes donated to One Step Beyond