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Clearing The Air
Posted by editor_usa

O’Grady’s EJ Episode no Longer an Issue

Tuesday 22
August 2006 @ 16:25

Paul O’Grady’s teatime television show has escaped censure from media watchdogs over controversial language used by guest star Sir Elton.

Asked by O’Grady why he had changed his name from Reginald Dwight, the entertainer replied that it had made him sound “like a banker … or a w*****, one of the two”.

Twenty viewers complained to Channel 4 and ten to Ofcom.

But the issue was resolved after the network agreed to warn guests about their language.

In its ruling, Ofcom said its research “suggests that while this word is considered quite mild by most, a small minority of sections of the community find it quite offensive”.

It added: “This series does tend to attract an older audience and the use of the word ‘w*****’ was unfortunate.”