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Club at The End of The Street
Posted by editor_usa

News About Upcoming Show And Album

Wednesday 8
March 2006 @ 16:26

On March 8, 2006, the Palm Beach Post suggested that  the admission price to Elton’s exclusive concert for Mar-a-Lago members next week (alluded to earlier at this Web site) may be too steep.

It would be $1,000-per-person admission — hard to believe, considering the club’s members pay $150,000 in initiation fees, then $11,000 a year.

But with the Elton ducats nearly three times as high as the average Mar-a-Lago show, it’s been rumoured that some people are staying away.

A month ago, management reduced the original price of admission by $250. That may not be enough.

“There’s been some resistance,” said a member who asked to remain anonymous. “Believe it or not, some of us think twice about dropping $2,000 for an hour and a half.”

Owner Donald Trump has traditionally brought major acts to special member-dinners, once a month in winter. So far this season, for singer Olivia Newton-John and comedian Jay Leno, the fees were $375 per person, plus 26 1/2 percent in tips and taxes.

The high bill for Elton is due to the fact that he wanted a $1 million donation to his AIDS foundation, and another $250,000 for his band.

“I can’t talk about numbers because I signed a confidentiality clause,” Donald said. “But this is a huge deal for Palm Beach. Elton John is the number one entertainer in the world. It’s going to be sold out.”

Members have until Friday to pay for the March 18 gig.

In a departure from the usual table setup, seating for the Rocket Man’s show will be in theater-style rows, the real-estate mogul confirmed. The usual buffet will be outside.

Donald won’t admit it, but a Mar-a-Lago operative told the Post that was to increase the room’s capacity by at least 300 people, to about 700.

Meanwhile, Elton has been focused on his next album. He is half-way through The Captain And The Kid, the follow-up to 1975’s Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy.

For the past three weeks, he has been recording in Atlanta, where he said he expects the new disc to be in stores in September.