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Come Together
Posted by editor_usa

Elton Has Contributed to New Book And CD

Monday 17
October 2005 @ 17:01

On November 8, Memories of John Lennon will be released, marking 25 years since the singer was murdered in New York.

Edited and introduced by Yoko Ono, it features 73 contributors. Among them are John Fogerty, who admits to never having met John, but ”always feeling like he knew him,” and Elton.

The latter also figures in an all-star double album, expected to be out in mid-November. It’s called Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now, and proceeds go to help victims of Katrina and Rita.

It includes I’m Still Standing and tracks from entertainers like James Brown, Coldplay, Brian Wilson, Fats Domino and Bonnie Raitt.

The title track, Come Together Now, was originally penned by the actress Sharon Stone, among others, for the tsunami disaster last year.