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Comic Recalls The Time She Worked For Elton
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 30
March 2007 @ 18:50

Caroline Reid‘s spoof of air hostess Pam Ann is popular with A-listers like Elton and Madonna.

In fact, the Australian comic recently spoke with the Lancashire Telegraph about the former.

Caroline didn’t water down her act when she was hired to work on Sir Elton’s flight to his partner’s 40th birthday party in Venice.

“It was a dream job,” she remembered.

“The plane was full of celebs like David Beckham, Lulu, Damian Hirst, Patrick Cox, Philip Treacy and Theo Fennell.

“I crewed it like I was real flight attendant, and I was evil to all of them!

“When one of them asked me for a glass of champagne, I snapped, get it yourself. You know where the bar is, don’t you? You can undo your seatbelt, can’t you? Who do you think you are?’ But they all loved it.”

Meanwhile, the entertainer’s biggest would be ”to have an ITV1 show like Dame Edna‘s.

“But instead of a penthouse suite, it would be set in a first-class cabin. Pam would interview first-class guests there.

“Then she’d go down to economy to interview Big Brother contestants.

“But every week she would run out of time just as she got down there. So sorry, we’ve got no time to talk to you. We’ll have to end it there!'”

{ Pam Ann appears at Burnley Mechanics, Tuesday, May 15.}