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Posted by editor_usa

Pampering Preps Are For Naught

Monday 30
July 2007 @ 15:38

 Blackpool rolled out a half-mile red carpet covering its North Pier for an anticipated rare visit from Sir Elton.

Pier bosses were lining the £6,500 carpet with lilies for the musician, who was expected, on Saturday night, to come see his friend Richard Shelton in his new play, Soap Queens and Kings.

It’s estimated that £10,000 was also splashed out on Cristal champagne, flowers and a seafood buffet for the headliner.

And sixty front-row seats have been set aside for Eltons entourage.

Pier spokeswoman Pearl Mina said: Were pulling out all the stops. It will be the most flamboyant night Blackpool has seen for years.

Ex-Emmerdale star Richard who played the charming but murderous Dr. Adam Forsythe on the show, and is also known for performing as Frank Sinatra and Neil Diamond, appeared alongside Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones at the latest White Tie and Tiara Ball.

Once word got enough about Elton, there were plenty of fans at the pier, hoping for a peek.

Unfortunately, the only celebrity they encountered was sacked Coronation Street star Bruce Jones.

{However, ”Soap” runs through late October, so it’s possible that Elton could still stop by.}