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Curt comment from “Looks” Kurt on Elton’s fame
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World Idol inspired by Elton’slooks

Saturday 10
January 2004 @ 22:33

World Idol winner Kurt Nilsen has vowed not to have cosmetic surgery, despite being compared to a Hobbit by one of the contests judges.

The Norwegian singer who beat Britain’s Will Young to the global crown said there is no reason why he cant succeed, especially as Elton “isnt the prettiest”.

He added:”If I did change my looks, I would have sold myself. I keep telling everyone, Im in it for the music.

“I dont care how I look or what people think of me.

Elton John isnt the prettiest guy, but he has done some great things.

“Nobody said anything bad about my singing.

“What was great about my singing was it made them shut up about my lips and teeth.”

[Ed. As it happens, Kurt has a gapped tooth, a bit like Elton’s colt’s tooth. He’ll go a long way.]

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