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Dark Diamondz
Posted by editor_usa

The Fashion Rocks Goody Bags

Wednesday 20
September 2006 @ 15:47

Notables in the music and fashion worlds received gifts from poshAir at the recent Fashion Rocks extravaganza in Manhattan.

Founder/CEO Darlisa Crawford said the company was ”honoured and delighted to provide the poshAir to such renowned talent.”

Distinctive Assets, the leader in celebrity gift giving, provided the glamorous signature ”Gift Lounge” for this star-studded event. The poshAir was featured in the Fashion Rocks Goody Bags in the Bratz Forever Diamondz Lounge at Fashion Rocks, amongst a dazzling array of presents from various trendsetting companies.

Elton, Denise Richards, Nelly Furtado, Jon Bon Jovi, Russell Simmons and Tommy Hilfiger were just a few of the folks who received the poshAir.

In March, the enterprise launched its first breakthrough product, the poshAir that envelops passengers in luxurious lightweight warmth, providing protection from the elements, a preventive barrier from germs and security for valuables with a private inside pocket. The poshAir offers a hygienic and cost-effective solution for sleeping on a plane during long flights. It’s also well-suited for trains, yachts and automobiles. (The adult one retails for $99.99, while the children’s type costs $69.99).

Located in Chandler, AZ, poshAir, Inc. provides patent-pending consumer products, travel services, real estate services and entrepreneurial seminars. Their Web site is