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Elton’s manager and husband David Furnish has informed Music Week that the Rocket Man will never give up on music or performing.

“He’s definitely stopping touring, I think he will perform in a much more limited capacity,” said the CEO of Rocket Entertainment. “Maybe a small series of shows in London every couple of years, maybe a small residency in Vegas is a possibility. He wants to spend time with his family, that’s the most important thing.

“Does he want to stop working? Absolutely not. Elton is a workhorse, he’s passionate and vital and loves what he does. He must never stop creating and he must never stop performing, at least in a very limited capacity. But he doesn’t want to travel around the world and be away from his family any more. He finds that excruciating now. That side of his life will end.”

Furnish added that new Elton John material will be coming at some point.

“I would expect more new music, we’ve written some songs for the stage musical The Devil Wears Prada, which we’re co-producing,” he said. “We have another musical theatre project that we’re developing right now.”

The Devil Wears Prada has its pre-Broadway launch in Chicago next summer.

As well as his own music, the piano player will remain committed to his role in as a tastemaker who supports new artists.

“He’s always listening to new music, he loves doing his radio show [Beats 1′s Rocket Hour] for Apple Music,” remarked David. “He never rests or sits still, he’s always looks forward. Long that may continue.”