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David Furnish confronts Boy George
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David wanted to know why Boy George was always having a go at Elton.

Monday 10
February 2003 @ 2:52

According to The Mirror Elton’s partner David Furnish was last Thursday February 6, 2003, at a party for fashion designer Pam Hogg at West End nightclub Rouge.

David was about to leave the bash when he spotted Boy George on the other side of the club.

The former Culture Club star has been constantly using his weekly newspaper column to slate Elton – describing him as having “a camp streak as wide as the Grand Canyon”.

He also ranted: “Singing with Eminem was bad enough, but that collaboration with boy band Blue is embarrassing. Those four pretty boys look terribly nervous as they drift around Elton at his piano. You get the feeling they are all secretly thinking: ‘Which one of us does he fancy?’

“It begs the question, why destroy an already beautiful song? Does it not scream: ‘Give me a hit’? I think a slap is more in order and Dame Elton could enter the Guinness Book Of Records as the diva who has sung with more artists than yours truly has gone through lip pencils.”

David decided to confront George about his tiresome rants, but when the petrified singer saw him coming, he ran off – to the Ladies!!!

Normally calm and mild-mannered, an angry David followed him in, ready for a confrontation – only to find Boy George desperately trying to hide from him.

An eye-witness said David kicked in the door of the stall and was calling him a chicken-s**t wimp.

David and Boy George started arguing. David was saying he wanted to know why he was always having a go at Elton.

But Boy George looked like he was a bit lost for words.

It was only after Furnish had left the club that Boy George regained his composure, added the Daily Mirror on February 8, 2003.

He took to the stage and told the crowd: “Ooh, David Furnish has just had a massive go at me. I’m sooooo scared.”

Boy GeorgeThen he started singing Stormy Weather, but was booed and heckled by the crowd and miserably skulked off home, the newspaper said.

Last night Furnish declined to comment on the incident, but a source close to the pair said: “Boy George has been slagging Elton off for ages, and when David ran into him at the party he just wanted to find out why.


“It all boils down to jealousy. George can’t stand the fact that Elton is still a global superstar and he isn’t.”

Boy George could not be reached for comment.