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Some time ago, this Web site reported that Bob Mackie would be selling his marker and pencil costume sketch of Elton as a devil for the latter’s 1986 Ice on Fire tour.


The drawing, which is signed by the fashion designer, is estimated at 1,000-2,000 US dollars (788-1,575 UK pounds). It will be auctioned in the Property from the Collection of Bob Mackie Sale by Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles on November 17.
There are a couple of other Elton John illustrations as well. One depicts the singer in tails, striped pants, shades and top hat. The other has him wearing a yellow, plaid outfit with a cap which looks better suited for a golf course than a concert stage.
Other highlights of the collection include:
  • Carol Burnett’s costumes worn on The Carol Burnett Show including a pair of costumes worn by the performer and Joel Grey in a “Commedia Dell’Arte” skit with the pair as Punch and Judy dolls
  • Several of Cher’s ensembles worn in the 1970s, such as her 1974 Academy Awards custom made hand painted silk ensemble and her marigold jersey jumpsuit worn while performing Everyday People with Sonny Bono on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour
  • A petal pink satin gown worn by Julia Louis–Dreyfus to the 1998 Emmy Awards
  • A black custom made gown worn by Lauren Bacall in 1970 in the Broadway show Applause and to the 24th Annual Tony Awards

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