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Nottingham’s Daniel Hanson, famous for making luxury dressing gowns for celebrities such as Sir Elton, has died after a battle with cancer.

One of the 62-year-old’s creations was seen in the Christmas John Lewis advert. In the commercial, Elton is wearing a dressing gown which was made by the designer.


The 2018 ad showcases the star through the various stages of his life with the gown, made of a black cashmere base and hand-dyed silk yarn, featuring at the beginning and end of the clip.

The garment was commissioned by the songwriter in 2011, with 450 hours of hand embroidery going into its creation.

Other clients have included members of the royal family; Sean Connery; Victoria Beckham; and Ozzy Osbourne.

Mr Hanson leaves a wife, Julie, who is involved in the business and three children, Rosamund, Julian and Nicholas.