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As Elton makes his third visit to Missoula this evening (and his first in nine years), there are concerns about heavy traffic. So the University of Montana has brought in extra help. 

“We will have a police presence out their directing traffic at the light at 6th, and Arthur, taking over that light as well.” states University Director of Operations, Brandon Kress

He says even smaller events have been tricky with the recent road project. With an expected 6,000+ people attending Elton’s gig, and construction on the Madison Street Bridge, officials say it’s a good idea to make sure you arrive early. 

“We’re opening the doors an hour-and-a-half early for that reason at 6:30 so people can try and get in the building,” Kress remarks.

The goal is to have everyone in, seated and ready to go when Elton takes the stage at 8 p.m. 

Kress suggests alternate options so folks don’t miss anything. 

“If you know someone, try and carpool. We do have the U-Dash system bus runs. It will run from over at South Campus for its night shift over and drop off in front of campus. We will have three pay-to-park lots, Lot P, Lot Z and Lot M.”

He adds that other University lots will be free. Parking off campus and walking is another option. 

As far as getting in the doors, Kress asks for patience, and believes the line will move quickly.

“We will have all three of our entrances open in front of the building. That includes our main lobby, the west Hall of Champions, and then our new addition.”