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Don’t discard me! Elton to have laser surgery to rid glasses
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Elton tells Frank Skinner show he shreds CD cover wraps

Wednesday 13
November 2002 @ 7:10

Elton, as well known for his outlandish and more recently tasteful eyewear, is about to give up a hallmark and have laser corrective surgery in February 2003, he told The Frank Skinner Show on November 12, 2002.

The programme, broadcast at 2150 GMT on ITV1 British national television, included guests boxer George Foreman and musician Moby.

Later Elton came on for chat and no musical performance.

When challenged by funnyman Skinner, Elton did not deny that the ample sets of spectacles he has at various homes may be auctioned.

Earlier in the show Moby, who Elton often plugged in recent years as a great musician, remarked that he did not like Eminem‘s views that favoured homophobia and mysogany, although he respected and liked the controversial singer’s output.

Moby said Eminem travelled with 40 burly bodyguards.

The first thing Elton on stage was dismiss Moby’s comments about Eminem.

“That’s rubbish. He’s a really nice guy and has nice people working for him,” Elton said.

“It’s just a difference of opinion (with Moby). We’ll leave it at that.”

Asked about the new Elton John: Greatest Hits 1970-2002 album, which Skinner erroneously said was released yesterday (November 11), Elton agreed that the packaging “was nice packaging, for a change.”

Skinner said this album had none of the card cover that accompanies a lot of albums these days.

“There just there to annoy you. A waste of paper. I shred ’em. I’m a mad shredder and have a shredding machine at home.”

In a comment bound to offend some Christians in the United States, Elton kept the punchlines coming:

“I shred Bibles too.It get all these Bibles sent saying ‘repent now’. From mad people in America of course.”

Elton was asked about his song-writing with Bernie Taupin. He said that if Bernie did not like a song, Elton would just scrap the song.

He said that with such a large body of work, it was bound Elton and Bernie would create some songs which were duds.

In one of the last issues touched upon in the 20-minute interview, Elton was asked about his relations with Watford Football Club, of which he resigned as Chairman in May 2002.

“I am still involved with Watford although only as Life President.”

Elton said he could not commit sufficient appearance time to the club to make more impact.

Although he acknowledged the team’s current financial crisis after the ITV Digital network collapsed – and with it much-needed sponsorship – he appeared to deflate hopes of the Watford chief executive that Elton might sink money into the soccer team.

Elton said he was not keen “to throw money at it. We’d done plenty of that before.”

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