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Elton John fans will be interested in a new project from Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, founders of Réalisation Par.

The pair, who had sent Elton a complimentary note, came up with a special collection after being granted access to the archives of the star’s stage costumes.
Each piece in the Dreamgirls line (14 in all, ranging from tees and dresses to a jumpsuit and embroidered silk scarf) is named after EJ evergreens. They include The Levon; Amoreena; Nikita; Tiny Dancer; and, of course, Rocket Man. What’s more, some proceeds will be donated to Elton’s charity. 
“It’s great to see how my music has inspired this fabulous collection,” the songwriter said. “I hope all the Dreamgirls enjoy wearing it as much as I’ve enjoyed playing the songs and performing to my fans!” 
In addition, Elton has created a playlist for the collaboration available on the Spotify channel of Réalisation Par called Réal Radio.