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Editorial: Comment on Aida’s “A Step Too Far”
Posted by editor

Tuesday 16
November 1999 @ 2:00

By Fran Gilles and George Matlock


Having heard Elton’s demo and final version of A Step Too Far, the “French” version proved a surprise and a half.


Expecting French lyrics for the local market, it seems that the producers are content only with an ENGLISH lyric (the same we already know) but with French artists (or at least adopted). So, it’s Elton with Barbara Scaff and the Scottish-sounding name Jenny MacKay.


The song’s arrangement is better than the version on the Aida album, but the European release is a little ungenerous. As with many continental paper sleeve releases, this one is also accompanied by just one other song: Your Song Live from the Ritz Hotel, Paris.