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Ryan Adams has a Tantrum ala Elton

Saturday 19
October 2002 @ 12:30

Elton’s caused a few tantrums in his time. And now his protege, singer Ryan Adams, created a scene on tour recently.

Adams stopped his show in Nashville this week when an audience member cracked a joke about how similar Adams’ name is to 1980s rocker Bryan Adams. When the fan yelled out a request for Summer of ’69, a Bryan Adams hit, Ryan reacted with stream of expletives and ordered the house lights turned on, reports The Nashville Tennessean newspaper on October 17, 2002.

The alternative-country musician then proceeded to find the fan who made the joke request, paid him $30 cash as a refund for the show, ordered him to leave and said he wouldn’t play another note until that happened.

Ryman Auditorium General Manager Pam Matthews stopped the fan on his way out, “apologised profusely” and allowed him back into the concert. The fan pocketed Adams’ $30.