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Remember Pillars Of Hercules: Inside The Elton John Phenomenon?


This documentary about Elton’s incredible ascent to superstardom in the ’70s was first announced in 2014. Now it looks like it will just be called The Pillars of Hercules, and include never-before-seen backstage footage of the Rocket Man and John Lennon.
According to the Sun, Davey Johnstone has been working on the project for years, and now hopes to do a deal with Netflix. The guitar player put it on hold so it wouldn’t clash with the Rocketman movie and Elton’s farewell tour.
Davey recently told the Greatest Music of All Time podcast: ”It was entirely right that I should do that as I did not want to get in the way of those projects. If it is too diluted then nothing does well. I had a lovely conversation with David {Furnish} in which they were really happy that I was going ahead and doing it again. Quite honestly I would never do anything, especially of a documentary nature, without them being OK with it.”
He added: ”There are two more interviews we are looking to get and we will probably be finished with all the recording by late January and then we will go into editing and we will be ready about Easter.”