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As revealed earlier by this Web site, East End Lights magazine will soon be ceasing publication.

Its latest issue is #71, and includes interviews with Elton’s bandmate, Matt Bissonette, and an early manager, Ray Williams.

The publisher says that the final issue will be the 75nd edition.

He adds: ”We have given thought about whether we should host a final Elton Expo. After speaking with some key Elton associates and some of our most ardent Elton fans. We have reached the decision that we will NOT be hosting another Elton Expo.

”Our last expo was in Las Vegas in 2013, and although it was another fun event, the pressure of organising, managing and budgeting the event became overwhelming for those of us at EEL.

”We would prefer to allow the magazine to go out as gracefully and inauspiciously as it began.

”I’d like to thank everyone who helped EEL with running the Elton Expos in the past.

”We are truly grateful for your ongoing support of the magazine and these events.”