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EJAF fires back after accounts attack
Posted by editor

Sunday 13
June 1999 @ 2:00

Elton John’s taking heat from AIDS activists who want him to account for money raised through his Elton John AIDS Foundation, reported the Toronto Star newspaper June 8, 1999.


The AIDS Accountability Project says it’s been bugging the singer for three years for forms required by the U.S. tax authority the Internal Revenue Service.


An Elton John representative is quoted saying: “We have accountants who deal with these things and I’m sure they just haven’t gotten the forms yet.” Elton’s Foundation claims to have made $20 million in grants. The Foundation was launched in 1992.


Meanwhile, attorneys for the Elton John AIDS Foundation have fired back at the AIDS Accountability Project, and have demanded an immediate retraction of a similar New York Post article accusing the foundation of withholding financial information.


According to Sarah McMullen, the foundation’s publicity director, Michael Petrelis of the AIDS Accountability Project insinuated that Elton’s foundation failed to provide tax records after he requested them numerous times. Federal law

requires charitable organisations to make their tax returns available to the public upon request.


“The Elton John AIDS Foundation has always fully complied with this law,” according to a statement released by Elton John’s foundation.


McMullen claims that the foundation first found out about Petrelis’ request for the records last week, and promptly mailed them to him.


According to the press release, “from 1992 through 1998, the Elton John AIDS Foundation funded more than 1,100 grants in North America. To date, the Elton John AIDS Foundation has distributed over $12 million in grants in North America and $5 million internationally.”